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If you do not love yourself, nobody will do it for you. You have to love yourself, you have to be careful, if you wait... Believe it, nobody cares.

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Pandora, 17 - Brazil.
I'm a fucking cliché teen.

She has cut himself increasingly. The cuts increases the frequency of their pain. But there are cuts that don't hurt, they have not hurt as much as before, they heal as fast as they are made​​. But there are other cuts, other aches. And pains she can not control. This pain will not heal, this pain does not stop, they just increase and increase to the point of nearly killing her. Perhaps it is cut to have control of herself, maybe she just thinks she has the right to hurt. But the real reason no one will ever know, because she may not be able to understand [...]

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Anonymous asked:
Does starving really work? I have a LOT of weight to lose in like 3 months and .... I just want it gone.... How many calories a day do you need to eat to survive?
But starving works, but is less effective than a diet. When you stop eating your body retains fat automatically, or you lose muscletissue and other important before losing fat. Because your bodythinks that I will keep the fat in the stock because they do not know when I’ll eat again.”
I’ll spend a couple of diets, I’m doing at the time of the 4.5 kg / 9.9lbs in three days, pick one and follow, you will see that it is far better to stop eating. Think the diet that suits your case is that of 20 kg in 30 days, seeand tell me what you think.  Be strong and remember you are not alonexoxo.

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I’m going to get in gym later this month or maybe next month. Tired of being fat!

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I’m fat an disgusting

and must avoid every mirror possible

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the person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

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